About The Very Hungry Charlotte

Hello, I am Charlotte aka The Very Hungry Charlotte. A London-based foodie with a rather large appetite. I describe myself as a relatable individual living a modern city life with a global outlook.

I spend countless hours thinking about food and drink, hence the name The Very Hungry Charlotte. London has one of the most incredible food scenes in the world. With many favourite bars and restaurants, I also enjoy going out and discovering new upcoming brands. I am a keen traveller who is always ready to explore new cities. I appreciate a culturally rich experience wherever I go. When I am at home, in my spare time I like cooking, baking and making cocktails. I love being stylish and fun in my content creation but also in what I wear and in my decor. I have an Instagram page with over 8.5K followers and a website blog to share all my recommendations and my lifestyle tips.

With over 5 years in agency-side marketing, I am a well-experienced marketing manager and consultant. In particular, I am specialised in social media and influencer marketing; I am also skilled in search, websites, email marketing and offline. I have worked with all types of businesses but I am more specialised in hospitality and food and drink marketing.

Working with The Very Hungry Charlotte

As a social media influencer, website blogger and experienced marketer, I can offer a lot of support to all sorts of brands wanting to grow. My wealth of knowledge, tools and vast network of contacts can help build out each stage of the conversion funnel to ultimately drive sales. I have a variety of affordable services for marketing your brand. I am also open to discussing ways I can work best for you and negotiating the best price.

The Very Hungry Charlotte