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Baby Bao – Taiwanese Steamed Buns

Baby Bao is a pop-up kitchen at The Pond Pub in Brighton serving delicious Taiwanese steamed buns. I took my boyfriend to Brighton for his birthday as he is a massive foodie like me but also really loves his craft beer. The Pond is an independent pub in Brighton serving delicious beer sourced from all over the planet. When I researched the best places to eat and drink in Brighton, The Pond and Baby Bao both appeared on Instagram.

Well located close to Brighton station, it is a great one for any from out of town. I really liked the decor of The Pond with the distinctive dark green painted exterior street art style, you definitely can’t miss it. Inside, they have a wall of beer mats. Across two floors and with a large outside terrace, The Pond is spacious and the perfect place to relax on a hot summers day.

We ordered the majority of the Baby Bao menu as everything sounded too good to not try. The main highlights included the fried chicken Bao which was insane & very generous in size. The fried chicken was particularly tasty. We also really enjoyed the Korean spiced cauliflower and the spicy mac and cheese.

Baby Bao Menu Recommendations

  • Cumin Braised Lamb Shoulder & Green Chilli Bao
  • Classic Pork Belly Bao
  • Crispy Fried Ramen Chicken Bao with House Mayo, Pickled Veg & Lettuce
  • Gochujanh Mac & Cheese
  • Japanese Karaage Chicken or Cauliflower with Wasabi Mayo
  • All the Desserts but in particular Donut Bao with Black Sesame Ice-Cream, Coconut Caramel & Toasted Sesame
  • The Craft Beer

Baby Bao Image Highlights


  • Bao buns from £6
  • Bites including Karaange Chicken & Cauliflower from £6
  • Mac & Cheese from £5
  • Sides from £4
  • Desserts from £5


The Pond pub, Brighton

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