Bangers Maltby Street

Bangers are a stand at Maltby Street Market serving delicious sausage sarnies & sausages & mash. Read more about my experience.

Bangers Maltby Street is a new venture founded at Maltby Street Market. Offering an exceptional take on sausage and mash and the classic sausage sarnie. I particularly love this stand because its simple food done really well. In winter, it is particularly comforting the sausage and mash, but the sarnie is brilliant for breakfast, especially when you have a hangover.

They usually have 3 sausages to pick from, the Londoner, traditional pork & herb and a veggie one. There is also always a monthly special which I often go for. They get some fantastic seasonal flavours, and it means each time I get something slightly different.

The sausage and mash come with cabbage on the side, crumbled blue cheese, cranberry ketchup and crispy paprika shallots. There is also plenty of gravy, making it super delicious! The sausage sarnie’s either come with bread or in a roll. They also add some mash to the sandwich, making it even more insane! I really love the mash, it is the perfect balance of cheesiness and mustard.

Overall, I really recommend these guys at Maltby Street. Really delicious and the guys are friendly and make you feel special each time. I’ve had a couple of times where they give me an extra sausage! They have also just recently reopened since the COVID-19 lockdown.

Bangers Maltby Street Prices

  • Sausage & Mash £9
  • Sausage Sarnie £7


Maltby Street Market, Bermondsey

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