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Bierschenke – German Beer Hall

An authentic Munich beer hall with great German beer served in the enormous stein glasses and traditional German food.

Bierschenke brings Munich to London. An authentic Munich beer hall with a great selection of German beer served in the enormous stein glasses. The menu includes all the traditional German favourite dishes with schnitzels, sausages and traditional Bavarian dishes such as beef goulash. They also have veggie and vegan options available.

We went for the sausage platter so as to try all the different sausages available. I really enjoyed the currywurst curry sauce and the slightly spicier sausages were my favourite however all were delicious including the traditional bratwurst sausage. We had the sausage platter served with a very generous portion of sauerkraut and what appeared to be twice fried chips.

I really enjoyed my experience at Bierschenke. The staff were super friendly, there was a great vibe in their basement with music and dancing. I loved that they had German sports playing on the TVs. My only slight critique was that all the desserts had dairy so I couldn’t have a dessert. Other than that I highly recommend this place and can’t wait to go back. See their website here.

Bierschenke Menu Highlights

Beer Steins at Bierschenke London


They have two locations in London. Tower Hill and Liverpool Street.

Prices (roughly)

  • Mains- £11-£15
  • Sausage dishes – £6-£8
  • Desserts – £5-£7
  • Beers – £5 a pint £10 a stein

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