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I am an expert content creator and blogger who is passionate about discovering new brands to share with my audiences both on social media and on my website – The Very Hungry Charlotte. I have over five years of digital marketing experience, having worked at Ignite Hospitality and Climb Online. Overall, social media and influencer marketing is where my expertise lies. 

Brands on Social

The future of brand success is dependent on being relatable to the upcoming audiences (Millenials & Gen Z). These audiences spend copious amounts of time scrolling on the various social channels – they quite literally, scroll the length of a football pitch on social media in a day! However, on social media, you’re not just merely competing with your usual business competitors. You are also competing with emotional content from close friends and family, content from idealised celebrities and influencers. Moreover, brands are also competing with thousands of other brands. Brands not necessarily within their industry, so basically, everyone is competing for that all-important user attention on social media. As a content creator, I am passionate about stopping the scroll with relatable and eye-catching creatives. Therefore helping brands tell their story and key brand messages via effective user-generated content. 

My enthusiasm lies in food, drink and travel. So I turned my hobby of travelling and eating out into a channel for sharing recommendations and meeting like-minded individuals. I am fortunate enough to have an excellent network of fellow content creators and influencers. London is the best city for influencers and bloggers, there are so many but they create a really exciting environment for creativity and top level content sharing. I utilise this network to keep up with what’s new and trending. I support brands both as an influencer myself but also connecting them with other influencers that I think will be perfect for their business. 

Working with me – Content Creator

See below the key ways of working with me…


Let’s collaborate! I am always keen to discover new brands and products. I have a great expertise in food, drink, travel, restaurants and bars which I like to use to give honest feedback but also for communicating key brand messages through my content. Get in touch so we can talk more.

Brand Partnerships

I prefer to work with brands on a longer term basis. I believe the true value in influencer partnerships come over time. You need multiple brand touch points for brands to resonate with an audience. For a brand partnership, I can have time to really learn and understand the ins and outs of your business to then drip feed across my channels in creative and fun ways. Get in touch so we can discuss more.

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