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Farzi Cafe – Soho

Farzi Cafe creates modern fusions on traditional Indian cuisine. With delicious food and amazing cocktails, I've found a new fav in London!

Farzi Cafe is one of my favourite places when I’m in central London. Located in Haymarket, Soho, Farzi serves contemporary, pan-Indian dishes. A real hidden gem within the crazy touristy Haymarket area of London. They gained instant public and critical acclaim for their inventive, evolved menus which focus on the finest quality ingredients. Furthermore, we were invited to review Farzi Cafe and were instantly impressed by the incredible modern luxurious looking decor and extraordinary bar. We were greeted by the general manager Francis who above all made every effort to ensure our experience was as special as possible. He made our meal feel effortless and as enjoyable as possible, we also very much appreciated his menu and cocktail recommendations.

The Cocktails

All the cocktails were on point. With the impressive decor of the bar, we enjoyed a star signed themed cocktail menu and exquisitely presented drinks. Having spotted some truffle gin, we also got the bartender to make up a truffle Negroni as a treat. I was impressed by the cocktail recommendations based on our flavour preferences, moreover I’d even return to Farzi cafe just for drinks alone.

The Food

The food was the biggest highlight. The general manager Francis recommended us what to order throughout our meal. We first started with the Hass Avocado Chaat and the Dal Chawal Arancini which were super delicious. Then the buttermilk chicken bao and wagyu bao were mouthwatering. After that, for mains the goat shawarma biriyani was spectacular. Although not unique, the chicken tikka was terrific and a comforting classic. I also very much liked the braised lamb shank. Lastly for dessert, we had the chocolate chai bubble with chocolate truffle, vanilla and strawberry compote layered with crispy chai bubble. I am a huge dessert girl, and this was magnificent! Make sure to leave room for dessert!

Farzi Cafe Highlights

Hass Avocado Chaat at Farzi Cafe London
Hass Avocado Chaat
Dal Chawal Arancini at Farzi Cafe London
Dal Chawal Arancini
Seared Scallops, Dorset Crab Sukka
& Chicory Salad with masala buttermilk at Farzi Cafe London
Seared Scallops, Dorset Crab Sukka
& Chicory Salad with Masala Buttermilk
Butter Chicken Bao at Farzi Cafe London
Butter Chicken Bao
Seared Wagyu Beef Slider with Caramelised Onion, Creamy Mushroom, Garlic Mayo at Farzi Cafe London
Seared Wagyu Beef Slider with Caramelised Onion, Creamy Mushroom, Garlic Mayo
Chicken Tikka Masala at Farzi Cafe London
C.T.M – Chicken Tikka Masala,
Cornish Cruncher Naan
Braised Lamb Shank “Nihari”
Goat “Shawarma” Biryani at Farzi Cafe London
Goat “Shawarma” Biryani
Chocolate Chai Bubble at Farzi Cafe London
Chocolate Chai Bubble with Chocolate Truffle,
Vanilla & Strawberry Compote Layered with Crispy
Chai Bubble
Farzi Cafe Cocktails
Farzi Cafe Cocktails
Farzi Cafe London Interiors
Farzi Cafe London


Haymarket/Soho London


  • Starters from £7-£18
  • Mains from £11-£24
  • Desserts from £8
  • Cocktails from £12


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