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Food & Drink is my core passion. I absolutely love eating out at the best restaurants or cooking at home with exciting recipes. Yet I haven’t met a cuisine I didn’t like however my favourite cuisines are Japanese, Italian and Spanish. I am very fortunate to live in an incredible city such as London which has one of the best food & drink scenes in the world. We have every kind of restaurant you could ever imagine on our doorstep. The competition is fierce which means we get the best of the best.

As well as amazing food, I also very much enjoy my cocktails, craft beer and fine wines. I live in Bermondsey which is amazing for craft breweries. I am just off the Bermondsey Beer Mile which has over 17 craft breweries on the stretch. So I am very spoilt for choice when it comes to amazing beer. London is also amazing for cocktails. We have so many exciting bars with craft cocktails, imaginative menus and incredibly talented mixologists. My favourite cocktail has to be an Espresso Martini, I’d drink them everyday if I could. Also on my doorstep is the WSET Global (Wine & Spirits Education Institute), so you can imagine the high quality of wine that i’m also fortunate to have in my area. I’m personally a huge fan of a good bottle of Malbec.

I have a number of blog posts on the various restaurants and bars that I love and recommend visiting. I have also shared my favourite recipes which I use regularly at home. As well as, my ultimate food & drink product recommendations to enjoy at home.


A selection of my favourite and highly recommended restaurants in London


My favourite go-to recipes from everyday dinners, to baked treats to cocktail recipes


A selection of my favourite and highly recommended bars in London


My favourite and recommended products to enjoy at home

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