Food & Drink Product Recommendations

I want to share my favourite food and drink products to enjoy at home. From everyday essentials that I regularly use to the foodie treats that I like to use to indulge myself. In particular, I usually go for chocolate or alcohol-related products as my luxury treat day go-tos e.g. Bad Brownie. I do also love good quality cheese, fresh fruit, seasonal vegetables, I eat jam by the jar and I have a fridge full of condiments for my everyday essentials.

As a blogger, one of the things I like the most is discovering new brands and new products. The world of food and drink is very exciting, very dynamic and constantly changing. There are so many new and exciting brands out there releasing world-first style items. I love being gifted products and always go out my way to rigorously sample them. I write my most honest thoughts in my blog posts to give an accurate and reliable review. Here are my most recent food and drink blog posts.

My Food & Drink Product Recommendations


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Lindt Apron The Very Hungry Charlotte

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I am always keen to try and discover new brands and products. To discuss a potential partnership and collaboration, please do get in touch. See my contact page here.

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