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London has one of the most incredible bar scenes which I absolutely love. I love a good cocktail as well as my fine wines and craft beers. The standard for a good cocktail in London is very high and incredible compared to the rest of the world. London has so many cool concept bars ranging from Evans & Peel with a secret detective agency themed bar to modern technology forward bars such as Bounce. Whether you are looking for a good time, something different to do with friends or just a world’s best bar standard drink, London has it all.
See here my favourite London bars.

London Bars Recommendations

What makes a good London bar.

An exciting curated cocktail experience. I love a bar with attractive decor. There are some fantastic concept lead bars in London, and I love fully immersing in a curated experience. I enjoy the theatrical nature of mixology, so I am a fan of sitting at a bar and watching the bartenders make and serve the drinks.
Cocktails wise, my tastes are more on the sweeter and fruity side. My favourite drink of all time is an Espresso Martini. The sharpness of the vodka with the sweet, creaminess from the coffee espresso. It is a rich cocktail, and you only find the best Espresso Martinis in London. See here my recipe for making one at home.

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I am always keen to discover new bars and new brands. I would love to learn more about your bar. If you would like to discuss a potential partnership or collaboration. Please do get in touch via my contact page here.

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