London Restaurants

London is full of so many amazing restaurants. One of the things I like the most is the range of different cuisines. You can get everything from amazing Japanese robata at Roka to insane quality authentic Italian at Cafe Murano to Brazilian Steak at Omino’s. The restaurant scene is hugely diverse. Not only is there just the sit-down restaurants but there is a trend towards food halls and street food which has been taking the city by storm. The range of high-end restaurants to street food stands is incredible in London.
I am excited to share all my favourite restaurants. I only blog about ones that I highly rate but I have added my personal fav tag to the ones that are my regular go to’s and absolute favs.

London Restaurants

What I look for in a good restaurant.

A memorable experience. For me, restaurants need to balance fantastic quality food with excellent service. I always say that sadly the service makes or breaks a good restaurant. People will more likely forgive a lousy food experience but won’t forgive poor service. Competition is high in London, so really both need to be nailed for a restaurant to be successful. I also love something different, whether it is a new cuisine that I’ve not had much before or a different take on a classic cuisine. I go back to memorable places that will primarily be related to the staff going the extra mile or eating something I’ve never had before.

The Very Hungry Charlotte

Let’s Collaborate…

I am always keen to discover new bars and new brands. I would love to learn more about your bar. If you would like to discuss a potential partnership or collaboration. Please do get in touch via my contact page here.

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