Welcome to my recipe section. I love cooking, baking and mixing at home in my leisure time. As a busy working professional living in the city, it is challenging finding time to cook especially when there is so many amazing restaurants for eating out.

Everything from simple home-cooked dinners to baked treats to home-mixed cocktails, I enjoy making it all. I want to share all my favourite go-to recipes from my favourite cookbooks, chefs and online sources. I am a huge fan of BBC good food for recipe content. Whether you’re after cooking inspiration or ideas for a dinner party, I have got you covered.

My Recipes

What I like in a good recipe.

When it comes to baking, I like a challenge and trying out new recipes and new baked treats. I also love seasonal bakes like mince pies and hot cross buns. When it comes to mid-week cooking, I am very lazy and love quick, easy and tasty recipes. I do like to be conscious of seasonality and using the best ingredients to get the best taste. Conscious of my kitchen waste, I do my best to use recipes which have ingredients that I have in or that I don’t have to go out my way to acquire ingredients that I’d unlikely use again.

The Very Hungry Charlotte Hot Cross Buns

Let’s Collaborate

Do you have a recipe for me to try out or a product you want creating into a recipe? I love a kitchen challenge, please do get in touch via my contact page here.

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