Freelance Marketing Consultant

I am a freelance marketing consultant who is passionate about marketing and above all, I am passionate about bringing brands to life in an impactful and significant way. I have over 5 years of agency-side marketing experience having worked at Ignite Hospitality and Climb Online. My expertise is especially focused on social media marketing and influencer marketing.

The future of brand success is dependent on being relatable to the upcoming audiences (Millenials & Gen Z). These audiences spend copious amounts of time scrolling on the various social channels – they quite literally, for example, scroll the length of a football pitch on social media in a day! However, on social media, you’re not just merely competing with your usual business competitors. You are also competing with emotional content from close friends and family, content from idealised celebrities and influencers. That being considered, you’re then also competing with thousands of other brands. Brands not necessarily within your industry so basically, everyone is competing for that all-important user attention. As a freelance marketing consultant, I therefore continually research ways a brand can break through this “noise” to be successful and achieve exceptional results on the critical social media channels.

I have a test and learn style approach towards my marketing strategies. This approach, consequently, ensures I get the best results for my clients and that my campaigns also drive a robust long term ROI. I am numbers focused and thus have a keen eye for rigorously analysing data. I use this data to give well informed insightful recommendations and to create well thought out marketing strategies. Creatively, I certainly try to always think outside the box and follow what is new and predict what is next. As a result, this helps ensure my campaigns are memorable, fun and impactful creatively.

Freelance Marketing Consultancy Services

Influencer/Brand Ambassador

Let’s collaborate on a creative campaign or work on a long term partnership to build your brand with my audience across my website and social.

Digital Marketing Management

Want to grow your business? I can offer outsourced digital marketing management support in social media marketing, influencers, email CRM, website optimisations, paid search and SEO. Lets talk digital today!

Marketing Consultancy

Want to improve your marketing knowledge or just after some marketing advice. I offer training and ad hoc marketing consultancy. Contact me to discuss further

Marketing Audits & Reports

I offer insightful detailed data orientated audits and reporting to offer a fresh look at your brand marketing and see areas where you can improve your performance.

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