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Haché Burgers – Gourmet Burgers

Haché burger serve gourmet burgers with 100% Scotch beef steak.

Haché Burger is one of the brands I’m most excited about. There is a satisfaction in finding your best burger in London, for me that is Haché. I first discovered them from reading about them on The Handbook food blog. Having made a mental check to add to my bucket list, within a couple of weeks I had an empty Saturday night free to check them out. I made a point of going to the Holborn location as this one has the experimental menu with really creative, innovative burgers.

Haché burger do gourmet burgers with 100% Scotch beef steak. Having first started out in Camden in 2004, Haché burger now has six locations around London. They pride themselves on excellent quality food, exciting burgers and a friendly neighbourhood vibe. They provide all-day dining in a Parisian inspired setting.

Starters at Haché Burger

They have exceptional small sharing plates for starters. I particularly love their arancini balls. They are especially cheesy and paired well with the tomato sauce and rose harissa. I also love the creole chicken wings with hot cayenne sauce, they are some of my favourite wings in London.

The Burgers

Burgers wise, I have sampled quite a few from Haché across multiple visits. They do some fantastic specials which are only on the menu for a limited amount of time. I once had their Steak Arancini burger which came with a smashed arancini rice ball, provolone cheese & tomato sauce served on top of their delicious medium-rare steak patty. All their burgers come inside a delightful brioche bun. I also very much rate the Steak Calabria burger with Nduja spicy sausage, confit garlic, cavolo nero, provolone cheese, beef tomato, red onion & rocket. The spicy sausage balanced well with the bitterness of the cavolo nero, making it a delicious burger.
They have also developed a wonderful vegan and vegetarian menu, making the best non-meat burgers in London, in my opinion. Using Beyond Mead vegan patties, there is a choice of 5 different vegan burgers. My favourite, for instance, is the Beyond Le Fumé which is presented in a smoke-filled dome. The smoke flavours the burger really well. The burger additionally comes with a Beyond Meat vegan patty, grilled aubergine, smoky semi-dried tomatoes, Violife Cheddar, zucchini straws and mustard mayo inside a toasted ciabatta bun.


Lastly, If you have any room left for dessert, I absolutely love their cookies and milk. An especially indulgent dessert served with a warm skillet cookie, vanilla ice cream, sprinkles and a shot of cold milk. Their cheesecake is also well reviewed by their regulars, and I also agree it is excellent.

Highlights from Haché Burger

Haché Burger Arancini
Creole Wings Hache Burger
Creole Wings
Haché Burger Vegan Burger
Beyond le Fumé Vegan Burger
Haché Burger Steak Calabria
Steak Calabria Burger
Haché Burger Steak Arancini burger
Steak Arancini Burger
Haché Burger Cookie & Milk
Cookie & Milk
Haché Burger Cheesecake


  • Burgers from £8- £13
  • Fries from £3-£7


Balham, Camden, Chelsea, Holborn, Clapham & Shoreditch

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