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Hakata – Ramen Bar

A ramen bar on Bermondsey Street serving delicious Japanese food.

Hakata is a Ramen Bar on Bermondsey Street serving delicious Japanese food. Bermondsey Street is my favourite street in London for food and drink. Hakata is walk-in only with relaxed communal bar style seating.

There is an amazing cocktail bar in the basement and the bar manager there is fantastic. I absolutely love their CCC cocktails which is like a spicy espresso martini with a cherry twist and without the coffee. They also do a great Tokyo Negroni and I love the Geisha Kiss cocktail with yuzu sake, koko & lychee juice. I am also a huge sake fan and they have a great selection of sake on the menu.

Food-wise, I am a huge fan of their small plates. The pork ribs are incredible, both the soy garlic ones and the spicy gochujang. I also love their gyoza dumplings, the karaage chicken which is super crispy and succulent as well as the steamed soft buns. The ramen is also amazing, my favourite is the Kumamoto with the burnt garlic oil and crispy garlic chips on top. It is very rich and comes with a really generous amount of noodles, definitely very filling. See their full menu here.

Hakata is a regular for me so I am super excited to finally share this on my blog. I could not recommend this one more. Enjoy!

Hakata Menu Highlights

Tokyo Negroni at Hakata London
Tokyo Negroni
CCC Cocktail at Hakata London
CCC Cocktail
Chicken Karaage at Hakata London
Chicken Karaage
Gochugaru Pork Ribs at Hakata London
Gochugaru Pork Ribs
Soy Garlic Pork Ribs at Hakata London
Soy Garlic Pork Ribs
Kumamoto Ramen in Hakata London
Kumamoto Ramen


Bermondsey Street London


  • Cocktails from £9
  • Sides from £4.50 – £7
  • Ramen from £9.95
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