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Haufson Cookware

High Quality Cookware

I recently got to review Haufson Cookware. A really new brand to me which I hadn’t heard of before, but I was really impressed.

Founded after years of non-stick cookware research and innovation, Haufson has a fantastic range of cookware. I was sent their marble stone non-stick frying pan. It works on all major hobs and has a thick stainless steel base which gives it quick heat-conducting performance. Also lightweight and super easy to clean. It cooks food evenly and is very durable with the toughened 5-layered body. I love the feel of the handle with the wooden finish and being extra long so even safer to use. 

The high-end PFOA-free non-stick coating derived from the finest natural non-stick and marble material is amazing for lower-fat cooking. You don’t need to use as much cooking oil so you can cook healthier food. At the same time, the coating also helps to preserve original tastes and flavours.

I highly recommend this pan, it is very versatile, trustworthy and easy to use and clean. I still can’t get over how reasonably priced they are. My non-stick frying pan was priced at £29.99, which is fantastic given the quality of the pan. 

Make sure to check them out directly through their website. Haufson cookware is full price on Amazon & eBay but you can get a 10% discount with code “GOTATIN4U” if you buy direct through Haufson’s website. 

Haufson Cookware
Haufson Cookware
Haufson Cookware

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