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Hello Fresh – Subscription Recipe Box

My weekly recipe subscription box.

Since the start of the year, I have been doing Hello Fresh. Hello Fresh is a subscription meal box service. Weekly I select my meals and then receive my box of 3-5 meals every Sunday at the same time slot. My motivation was to find an easy way to eat healthier and get myself cooking that easily fits within my regular day-to-day routine.

Hello Fresh does ease keeping healthy and getting me cooking. They have so many delicious meals that are simple to make. It assures my food waste is as low as possible in that all the meals are weighted out precisely. I love my food, and Hello Fresh has been vital in helping me keep my diet balanced. I like the nutritional info and calorie counts so I can still have cheat days and eat out, but Hello Fresh still provides balance for the rest of my meals for the week. All their dishes are so tasty, so it makes keeping healthy fun, delicious and sustainable.

Hello Fresh Recipes

Recipe wise, the best ones for me are the Asian stir fry or curry recipes. With the curry pastes and spices provided, they are delicious, easy to make, low calorie but filling.

My favourite dish still to date was the Warm Beef Harira-Style Soup. The traditional Moroccan soup inspired this dish. It was delicious and full of flavour. I loved the strong beef and tomato flavour, the texture of the lentils and spice from the harissa paste. My other all-time favourite was the Mango & Halloumi curry, also really tomatoey but a deliciously thick tasty curry.

Hello Fresh Beef Harira Recipe by The Very Hungry Charlotte
Warm Beef Harira-Style Soup
Mango Halloumi Curry Hello Fresh The Very Hungry Charlotte


My only feedback for Hello Fresh is that with such a massive operation that they have now there are small discrepancies which regularly occur. Now and then, I get an item or two missing or not at its best in my box. They are very generous with garlic cloves to the extent that I can’t keep up and use them in time. The amount of packaging in each box is high, and I do hope in the future that they work towards more well-packed boxes with reusable containers.

Overall I love Hello Fresh; they provide a convenient service which I am now dependent on for my day-to-day routine. They are outstanding value for the offering, we pay about £41 a week for five meals for two people, and we occasionally get a bottle of wine in our box for an additional £9. I highly recommend this for people looking for easy ways to cook and eat healthier.

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