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INKO NITO is an exciting Japanese restaurant located in the heart of Soho. They offer delicious sushi, experimental small plates and of course, amazing cocktails – a must when in Soho! Japanese food is one of my all-time favourite cuisines, and it is exciting to see the rapid growth of so many new, up and coming Japanese restaurant brands in London. All have a slightly different take. For me, it is an especially exciting cuisine as there is so much room for fusion, re-invention and experimentation with flavours to ensure every bite and every dish is as mouthwatering as possible.

INKO NITO brings a modern edge with the unmissable neon sign and laid back atmosphere. The interiors make it feel open grill and bar. The tables are all interestingly inter-twinned offering communal dining and encouraging a highly friendly element prompting conversations across groups. Additionally, the layout provides a great way to eye up other peoples food when deciding what to order yourself. There is all-day dining which adds to the fluidity of the restaurant as well as happy hour Mon-Thu, which highlights the fun and party-like nature of the brand.

The food

Food-wise, we were super impressed. Everything came looking spectacular, and everything tasted just as good as it looked. For me, the most memorable dish was the prawn toast. It was so tasty with the combination of crunchy and soft textures matched with sesame, wasabi mayo and katsuobushi. We had the robata grilled aubergine with garlic lemon miso and spring onion—a popular dish on the menu and very tasty. The robata grilled sea bass, another highlight, served with shiso salsa and brown butter ponzu, a must-order!

Overall I highly recommend INKO NITO. Just like having a name in all caps, they are bold, unafraid and inventive when it comes to food. They serve amazing Japanese cuisine in a very social, relaxed, cool and laid back environment. Make sure to give them a visit soon!

INKO NITO Photo Highlights

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