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Kurisu – Japanese Omakase

I absolutely love Japanese cuisine & I am a huge sushi fan! I was lucky enough to be invited to an omakase evening by Kurisu, an insane sushi chef in Brixton who’s just started doing private yoroppa-mae omakase evenings for up to 6 people on a Sunday. Read more about my very tasty experience.

It is definitely no secret that I absolutely love Japanese cuisine, I am a huge sushi fan! Tucked away on Brixton’s Atlantic Road, Kurisu Omakase is a Sunday night popup in Ichiban Brixton. Chris – or Kurisu – is an insane omakase chef who trained and graduated from the esteemed Tokyo Sushi Academy’ Edo-Mae Style Sushi Preparation’ program. He has also worked at some of London’s finest sushi bars. With that in mind, his private omakase evenings are a steal at £65-£75 per person.

The evening was extraordinary, an authentic foodie experience. Kurisu bought the best quality ingredients locally sourced including fresh Salmon, Scallops and Tuna. Kurisu brings out his Thai and Colombian roots in his sushi, so not only do you get a fantastic omakase experience, but there is something beautifully real and personal about the experience. Throughout the evening, Kursi was really chatty, and we learnt so much about him, his training, about Japanese culture and cuisine. It was amazing to see three distinctive cuisines fused together, something very unique.

The Menu

We enjoyed 18 courses starting with miso soup and a salad with yuzu dressing. We then had seared tuna sashimi which was insane and one of my favourite courses. I also really loved the tempura, the seared salmon with sake miso yaki and teriyaki robata grilled yellowtail steak. The nigiri sushi was especially incredible, and I really enjoyed watching each piece being made and understanding how it is built up. It definitely made me appreciate all the flavours that much more. My favourite nigiri pieces were the Hotate (Diver scallop) seared with ginger Thai basil miso sauce, the chūtoro (fatty tuna) with truffle dressing and parmesan as well as the sake toro (salmon belly) seared with myoga ponzu jelly.

Overall I could not recommend Kurisu Omakase more. For any keen foodie or Japanese food lover, Kurisu is a fantastic authentic foodie experience. It is also incredible value for money at £65-£75 for an 18-course tasting menu.

Kurisu Omakase Highlights

Miso Soup & Salad

Three Miso Blend Soup with Tofu & Seaweed

With House Salad

Chutoro Tataki

Shiitake & Chilli coasted medium fatty tuna, seared severs with truffle ponzu, mixed cress and lotus root chips

Three Piece Tempura

Sake Miso Yaki - confit salon lion  grilled with Thai basil infused miso sauce & green ponzu

Sake Miso Yaki

Confit salmon lion, grilled with Thai basil infused miso sauce and green ponzu.

Teriyaki Robata Grilled Hamachi (yellowtail)

Served with brown crab bisque infused teriyaki sauce – grilled asparagus


Brixton, London


£60 per person


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