La Pepia – Arepa

La Pepia is one of my favourite stands at Maltby Street Market. La Pepia serve rainbow coloured Venezuelan arepas. First started in 2016 on Brick Lane in East London. Since then, they have become the first Venezuelan eatery to ever trade in the world-famous Borough Market in 2019.

From South America, an arepa is a naturally gluten-free corn-based bun. La Pepia blends spinach, carrots and beetroot with their corn-based mix to give the arepas their unique colours and taste. The arepas are fried on both sides before being half cut through the middle to add the filling. They are filled with a mix of meats, veggies and cheeses but most importantly doused in the famous spicy green herb salsa.

La Pepia have named their various arepas based on the fillings. The Pinga is their most famous. Filled with homemade Venezuelan chorizo, black beans and a fried cheese blanket on top. The highly Instagram-able cheese blanket is the perfect topping and is a signature of La Pepia. The halloumi arepa comes with grilled halloumi and fresh avocado. This one is much lighter however still super tasty with La Pepias green salsa. The halloumi one is my boyfriends favourite, my favourite is the pinga. Lastly, the Pepia Black comes with black beans, chunky avocado and of course, the green herb salsa.

Overall, I highly recommend La Pepia in Maltby Street Market. They are really delicious and something different in London’s street food scene. You can’t miss them with their booming South American music playing and the extremely friendly nature of the guys at the stand.


From £5-£6


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