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Murger Han – Xi’an Restaurant

London's most authentic Xi'an restaurant located in Euston & Mayfair. Serving up delicious biang biang noodles and murgers.

Murger Han is London’s most authentic Xi’an restaurant located in Euston & Mayfair. Serving up delicious Biang Biang noodles and Murgers. I loved how authentic the setup felt with the restaurant decor and the service was fast and efficient.

We had the veggie gyoza dumplings to start which were deliciously crispy and some of the best gyoza dumplings that I’ve had in London. Murger Han, as indicated by the name, are known for their Murger. A Murger is a Xi’an version of a burger with slow-cooked meat inside a flatbread, was a bit like an English muffin. It was delicious but slightly drier than I would have liked, great though on the side of their noodle dishes, I’d recommend ordering one for the table.

We then had the famous Murger Han Biang Biang noodles served with braised pork, tomato & egg sauce & chilly oil. This was the highlight for me, the noodles were so tasty and all the flavours of the pork, tomato, eggs and chilly were amazing. The noodles stretch up to 12ft which is insane and great for any noodle pull photos! We also tried one of the clay pot noodles which were really tasty. The mixed vegetable broth was very good but the noodles were so slippy, it was slightly challenging to eat them without making a mess. See their full menu here.

I absolutely loved Murger Han, a very unique restaurant in London but I really enjoyed how authentic it felt and the food was really amazing, feel good and filling kind of food. To sum up, I highly recommend checking this place out.

Murger Han Menu Highlights

Veggie Gyozas at Murger Han London
Veggie Gyozas
Pork Murger at Murger Han London
Pork Murger
Clay Pot Flat Glass Noodles at Murger Han London
Clay Pot Flat Glass Noodle with Mixed Vegetable Broth
Biang Biang Noodles at Murger Han London
Biang Biang Noodles with Braised Pork, Tomato & Egg Sauce & Chilly Oil
Orange Ice Peak at Murger Han London
Orange Ice Peak


Euston & Mayfair in London


  • Noodles from £9-£10
  • Murgers from £6
  • Sides from £5
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