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Patron Cave à Manger – Kentish Town

Cool French bar & bistro serving small plates and classic mains, plus unique cocktails in London.

I was super excited when I first heard about Patron Cave à Manger. We don’t have many places doing Parisian style French food well in London. Patron Cave à Manger is located in Kentish Town but with a new location opening up soon in Highbury and Islington. The decor was Parisian style with an impressive marble bar, leather booth-style seating, heavy dark wooden features and the menu on a chalkboard hanging from the ceiling.

I enjoyed all of the food we had. We had a charcuterie board and a winter cheese board to start paired with wine. We then had a steak tartare as a sharing small plate which was very good for the classic dish. All the mains came with a side of choice. We had the duck confit with fries and the moules with a side of gratin dauphinois. The duck was unbelievably tasty and so tender, it melted in my mouth. The moules were impressive in size and came in a delicious white wine and garlic sauce.

To finish, we enjoyed espresso martini cocktails and a dessert trio of a crème brûlée, mousse au chocolat and raspberry parfait. The crème brûlée was heavy in amazing vanilla flavour. The mousse was hazel-nutty and rich having been made with 72% dark chocolate. The parfait was particularly interesting with a balance of sweet and savoury with the basil crémeux and hazelnut crumb balanced with the sharp raspberry flavour.

The service was really friendly and everything came in perfect timing. I highly recommend this place and can’t wait to try the new Highbury and Islington location when it opens.

Patron Cave à Manger Highlights

Charcuterie board from Patron Cave à Manger London
Charcuterie Board
Winter Four Cheese Board from Patron Cave à Manger London
Winter Four Cheese Board
Steak Tartare from Patron Cave à Manger London
Steak Tartare
Moules at Patron Cave à Manger London
Gratin Dauphinois at Patron Cave à Manger London
Gratin Dauphinois
Duck Confit with Fries at Patron Cave A Manager
Duck Confit with Fries
Espresso Martini from Patron Cave a Manger
Espresso Martini
Cafe Gourmand Trio of Mini Desserts with a Mint Tea from Patron Cave a Manger London
Cafe Gourmand Trio of Mini Desserts with a Mint Tea


Kentish Town London and soon Highbury & Islington


  • Starters from £5.50
  • Boards from £4.50-£13
  • Mains from £12.50-£21.50
  • Dessert from £6.50
  • Cocktails from £8-£12

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