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Peacoc – Chocolate Bars

Addictive but legal chocolate bars reinvented

I discovered Peacoc at Maltby Street Market. I got chatting for ages with the guys at the stand who were really friendly and I found the story behind Peacoc fascinating. The branding is so vibrant and bold with the bright yellow. They have reinvented chocolate bars by creating chocolate bars that make you feel less guilty about eating chocolate. The chocolate bars can even contribute to a balanced diet.

With the tag line addictive but legal. Using high-quality ingredients to make their bars super tasty but healthier than the typical chocolate bars you find in the supermarkets. They have a peanut flavour which is similar to a snickers bar and is my favourite one. It is crammed full of peanuts. There is the choice of X which is the thicker bar or S which is a slimmer version. The S has fewer calories than an avocado and contains reduced sugar and natural fibres. They also have a take on a bounty with a coconut flavour. Super soft on the inside and incredibly moreish. They have recently launched a peanut spread which I can’t wait to try!

Overall I highly recommend checking them out. If not for yourself, the products make for excellent gifts.

Peacoc Chocolate Bar

Peacoc Prices

  • £2.90 for a regular bar
  • £1.20 for a mini bar
  • 5 regular bars for £12

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