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Randy’s Wing Bar

American style wings in the heart of London

Randy’s Wing Bar is my favourite in London for chicken wings. I love chicken wings, and Randy’s serves award-winning American style wings with the best selection of fantastic gourmet wing flavours. They have two locations in London in Hackney Wick and Tower Bridge. I usually go to the Tower Bridge one.

The Kansas wings are my favourite, fried and grilled with Randy’s secret BBQ sauce. They come with a very generous amount of sauce and require a good number of napkins as they are very messy to eat. I also love the Gangnam, which are Korean inspired, fried, sweet and sticky. Lastly, I do highly recommend the buffalo ones which are traditional northern American, fried and spicy with truffle blue cheese.

Alongside the wings, they have great loaded fries for sides and a great drinks menu of cocktails, bourbon and local craft beer. I usually get the bacon dust fries with bacon dust, tabasco mayo, spring onions and chives. They also do home delivery which is amazing for anyone local to Hackney Wick and Tower Bridge.

Randy’s Wing Bar Highlights

Gong Bao Wings Randys London
Gong Bao Wings
Kansas Wings Randys London


Tower Bridge & Hackney Wick


  • A plate of wings range from £8-£9
  • Loaded fries £4.50
  • Beers £5.50

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