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Sipsmith Gin

Sipsmith gin is my absolute favourite gin. I am all about buying good quality gin. It makes all the difference for the simpler drinks like G&Ts and martinis. Also means your hangover isn’t anywhere near as bad. My go-to gin is always Sipsmith. I usually go for their London Dry Gin because the quality of the gin is so good. There is something amazingly quintessentially British, savvy and creative about the Sipsmith brand that I love! There is something special about the brand being from London, and remarkably a very young brand founded only in 2007. Sipsmith are true pioneers. For example, they were the first distillery to overturn British Law to get a License to make gin in a still under 1,800 litres. This law had been in effect since 1823.

Sipsmith Gin Distillery

I visited the distillery in Chiswick where I got to learn all about the gin-making process at Sipsmith, the history of Sipsmith and try all their different gins. I highly recommend doing the distillery tour, it is a small distillery, quite literally one main room. But the staff are very charismatic, you learn a lot, and there is plenty of gin to drink throughout. I love all the smaller aesthetics of the brand such as the stills all having individual names; Prudence, Constance & Verity.

Sipsmith Gin Distillery London

SIP by Sipsmith

SIP is the book from Sipsmith with 100 gin cocktails, each only using 3 ingredients. This is my go-to book for cocktail inspiration. The book has everything from gin classics such as Martinis and Negronis to some really exciting clever recipes using simple ingredients. A lot of use vermouth both sweet or dry so I like that you do not need a lot of inventory to be able to mix up different recipes in the book, very clever and well through out. This book makes for the perfect gift for a gin or cocktail lover like myself.

Sipsmith Gin Recipe Book

Sipsmith Gin Range

The Sipsmith gin range is really exciting. They have nine different gins. However, I like that they slowly release flavours and have the sipping series which is a biannual new flavour available for 6 months at a time. The flavours are well thought out and created with care and quality at the fore front. I’ve tried the Orange & Cacao gin which is terrific and smells delicious, just like a chocolate orange. I also loved the sloe gin and the lemon drizzle gin.

Sipsmith Chilli & Lime

The most recent Sipping Series flavour is Chilli and Lime. An interesting flavour with a slight punch to it. This new gin is perfect for making Chilli and Lime Spritz, Margaritas and Mojitos. A great flavour for summer and I’m really enjoying it. I was introduced to the new flavour via a virtual gin tasting with the chief innovations manager CiarĂ¡n. A fantastic way to launch the new gin whilst we were in lockdown.

Sipsmith Virtual Gin Tasting

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