Truffle Burger – Home Meal Kit

I’m sure I speak for most people when I say, god I miss restaurant-quality food! I am so bored of my own cooking and lack of expertise in seasoning and precision. With the nationwide lockdown, one way we can still enjoy restaurant-quality food is with DIY meal kits. Restaurants and bars across the UK have pivoted towards DIY meal kit deliveries. This is so that they can continue to offer their core fans an opportunity to enjoy fantastic food within the safety and comfort of their own homes. These kits also provide a great revenue stream for the brands offering them, which is incremental for helping restaurants survive the lockdown, in particular for the smaller traders and smaller brands.

Truffle Burger Meal Kit

Truffle burger is a food truck usually found within Kerb food markets around London and in seven dials market. I first discovered them on South Bank and their burger is insanely delicious. Started by a man obsessed by truffle, the Truffle signature burger includes a 90-day aged beef patty with crispy shallots, fig jam, raclette cheese and truffle mayonnaise. The burger is served inside a fresh and sweet brioche bun. Burger kits are ideal as they offer all the satisfying sense of achievement for making a burger; however, they are pretty much idiot-proof. The recipe was straightforward to follow, and with everything weighed out in the box, it was rapid to prepare and cook. At only £25 a box which includes four burgers, it is really great value at just over £6 a burger.

The Londonist and One Zone app both highly rate the Truffle London burger kit. I also overall really recommend this one. It is a fantastic foodie treat amid lockdown. Additionally, they are running a competition where you can win £100 if you share your burger on Instagram tagging in @trufflelondon and #trufflelockdown.

See website here to order your Truffle Burger Meal Kit.

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