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Understanding Pinterest

Pinterest is a fascinating platform which I actively use myself. I use it for sharing my Very Hungry Charlotte content and for my clients for brand awareness. It is over ten years old as a social media platform so has been around for quite some time. It doesn’t compete with Facebook and Instagram in terms of total user numbers. However, Pinterest does have 30 million users who are highly engaged in the platform for shopping, planning and discovering inspiration. The average session time for Pinterest is 14.2 minutes which is really long compared to other platforms. The half-life of a pin is 3.5 months. This means that a pin will get half its total engagements in 3.5 months. This is 1,680 times more compared to Facebook. The half-life of a tweet is 20 minutes.

The Pinterest audience is 71% female, of which 85% are on the platform to plan life moments. Compared to only 44% and 53% on Instagram and Facebook, respectively. Food, drinks, accessories, watches, jewellery and beauty are the most significant purchasable items people use Pinterest to research. Over half of Millenials use Pinterest every month to discover new brands and new products whilst also planning both large and small life events. 

Pinterest for Brands

For me, one of the reasons why I always recommend Pinterest for brands is because the number of hours input vs results is substantial. It doesn’t take too long to put together a good pin which will drive results for a long time. Pinterest doesn’t have an algorithm which requires you to post 3+ times a week and isn’t at all focused on follower numbers. In fact, followers aren’t that powerful on Pinterest compared to other platforms. The feed is built by pins you might be interested in, more like the discovery page on Instagram, as opposed to solely content from accounts you follow. The primary stat that you can see on each account is monthly unique viewers which is basically account reach. With reach being the main metric, it is more about quality pins than quantity. I recommend pinning about once a week but something well thought out and likely to drive viewers. 

Pinterest is also fantastic for brands as it is a great channel for driving website traffic. Each pin can have a unique URL which clicks through to a web page. Once you verify your website through Pinterest with some header code, you then get excellent analytical stats to use to monitor performance. It has been especially great for brands and bloggers for this reason. 

How to do Pinterest

Build your Pinterest profile

Pinterest profiles are search-friendly, so it is vital to have your profile set up correctly to maximise brand discovery on the channel. You need to have your brand name as your username and in your display name. The display name is also great for keywords related to your business, e.g. for me it is being a blogger as seen below, but you could have for example; Clapham Common Restaurant, London Bar, London Wedding Planner etc. Next, you need to add a bio. This should be concise and mission-focused whilst also dropping in any keywords. You could even add a branded hashtag to your bio to match your Instagram strategy but also build a community of pinners using your branded hashtag. Lastly, it is great to have a clear call-to-action in your bio to let any followers or profile viewers know what to expect and what you want them to do.

Understanding Pinterest Profiles

Videos & Longer Sized Posts

In my experience, I have found short videos and longer sized posts get a considerable amount of reach on Pinterest vs static images. This is because they take up more space on the feed, and videos can really pull the eye if they are the only thing moving. I tested out a simple cocktail pouring video related to a cocktail recipe on my website. The post achieved 3x as much reach as my next best pin and is still gaining reach.

Longer form poster style pins are used a lot on Pinterest. Text overlays with a few key bits of info, a title and some images work well to paint a picture and encourage people to discover more. This works especially well for recipe content, before/after style content and infographic style posters with workout plans or how to plan an event, type info. Pinterest users tend to be looking for ideas and inspiration. Lifestyle imagery or images incorporation a product into a contextualised environment tend to perform the best.

Pinterest Video Posts

Pinterest Boards

Pinterest is organised by boards. There should be a board for each core aspect of your business. For example, a clothing brand would have a board for certain seasonal lines or a restaurant for seasonal menus. An events space will have a board for the various event setups and event types. Boards need to be created with intention, and variety is key. Boards need to have clear, catchy titles and well-written description explaining the purpose of the board. They need to feel interesting, authentic and curated, and not salesy.


Over 80% of pins are repins, this is how pins grow to live for so long. It is a multiplier effect when pins are repinned and exposed to more users. Images should be sized either 2:3 or 4:5. Interestingly, certain topic categories do better on specific days of the week. See table below;

FitnessTechnologyQuotesFashionHumourTravelFood & DIY Crafts

Every good pin needs a good title to hook users to click the pin. Once clicked, you then need a good description, ideally between 100-200 characters long, describing the image or the webpage. A call to action in a description can increase engagement by 80%. Ideally, you want users to click through to your website to get traffic and keep users engaged.

As with any social media platform, it is important to engage with your community. Engaging with other profile pins with comments, repins and click-through action can go a long way for building out your own profile and own engagement.

Pinterest Posts - The Very Hungry Charlotte

When to Pin

Fridays and Saturdays are usually the best days. I also find either early afternoon 2-4pm or late evening 8pm+ are the best times to pin.

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Article is based off of information from Later, Sprout Social, Social Marketing Writing & my own experiences.

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