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Nen – Viet Street Food in London

Banhminen do excellent viet street food with delicious bao buns, pho, summer rolls & BBQ pork with sticky rice boxes.

Serving delicious Viet Street Food in London, Nen or Bahn Mi Nen is one of my favourite stands at Maltby Street Market. The guy behind Bahn Mi Nen created the concept having been inspired by his mother’s authentic Vietnamese recipes. The name Bahn Mi Nen is even a reference to his mother’s name. He is super friendly, and you see him at the stand most weekends. I usually have their rice box at least once a month. It is that good! I love their BBQ pork rice box served with a generous portion of sticky rice & BBQ pork with a side of salad and topped with crispy onions. However, if not the BBQ pork, I also love the lemon chicken box, also full of flavour.

As well as the rice boxes, they serve much more traditional Viet Street Food classics such as bao buns with choice of chicken, tofu or pork for the filling. In the summertime, they have traditional Viet summer rolls which are very fresh tasting and great for something slightly lighter to eat. Of course, they serve the classic Banh Mi baguettes which have been voted best in London by the Londonist. They make traditional Vietnamese noodle soup – pho which is fantastic in Wintertime, a real southing winter warmer with an excellent broth. You can choose from tofu, chicken, beef or mixed. Everything is very reasonably priced with the rice boxes, Banh Mi and pho from £8. The bao buns and summer rolls are about £3-£4.
With a focus on authentic ingredients and flavours from Vietnam, these guys are definitely one to check out next time you’re visiting Maltby Street Market.

Viet Street Food in London. Nen Menu Recommendations & Prices

  • The Rice Boxes from £8. I love the BBQ Pork & Chicken ones
  • Steamed Bao Buns. Choice of Tofu, Pork & Chicken. From £3-£4
  • Summer Rolls in Summer. From £3-£4 for 2x rolls
  • Bahn Mi Baguettes. Choice of Tofu, Pork & Chicken. From £8
  • Vietnemese Noodle Soup. Choice of Beef, Chicken, Tofu or mixed.

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