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3 things to look for in a Freelance Marketing Consultant.

Freelance Marketing Consultants can be very effective for delivering marketing results and being very budget-friendly

A freelance marketing consultant is an excellent budget friendly way of getting marketing support for your business.

With the uncertainty created by COVID-19 and the UK country-wide lockdown, businesses will be closely watching budgets. Most companies will almost certainly be reviewing marketing budgets. Marketing is usually the first budget to get slashed. Freelancers will be a popular option over the coming months as they can be much more flexible budget-wise and hours-wise. Even in the most uncertain times, marketing is still essential to ensure your business stability and long term success.

What is a freelance marketing consultant and what do they do?

A freelance marketing consultant is someone who is self-employed and hired by companies to provide marketing solutions. They will provide expert advice on marketing strategy as well as provide marketing implementation support. They are an excellent way of outsourcing marketing expertise to help your business reach its revenue goals and objectives.

How much does a freelance marketing consultant charge?

It varies massively the cost of a freelance marketing consultant. Anything between £30 an hour to £150+. You tend to find the the hourly rate is in direct correlation with number of years experience as well as the demand for that particular freelancer. Freelancers are much more budget friendly compared to an agency and tend to be more flexible with hours. Working on a one to one basis, there is more chance of a negotiation to get the best rate that works for you.

3 things to look for in a Freelance Marketing Consultant.

Finding the right freelancer for your business can make all the difference and is crucial for success here. The right freelancer will be interested in and understands your business and your market. You can then build a healthy long term relationship. You want it to feel like they are an extension of your team, for instance. It can be a very budget-friendly way of doing marketing. With this in mind, what should you be looking for in a freelance marketing consultant;


You must find someone who knows what they are doing. An excellent way to check this is by looking at their experience. How many years have they been doing digital marketing? What businesses have they worked with so far? And what results have they achieved so far?

Initial Understand of your Business and Industry

After checking that they have experience in marketing and digital marketing, it is next necessary to check that they understand your business and industry. Marketing for a high-end restaurant is very different from marketing your local dentist. Ask them to provide example campaigns and clients that they’ve worked for previously. You also want to find someone almost as passionate about your businesses as you. Have they already tried your product or service? If so, what did they think and what would they improve. Asking these kinds of questions will quickly make clear if they understand your business.


The next important thing is trust. Trust is vital for building a long term relationship. If you’re hiring someone else to do your marketing, it is highly likely that this is because this is not an area you are confident in yourself. So you need to able to this person to advise and recommend. Effective marketing requires a strong strategy followed by careful implementation to get the best performance results. You have to trust a consultants expertise to create your marketing strategy. As well as trusting the application of the strategy to max ROAS.

This trust works both ways. The marketing consultant must be trusted to form a strategy that you, the client, feels confident to accept to deliver results. Results to be based on the objectives set out by the client. If a client starts dictating the marketing strategy, it can get very messy very quickly. In particular, it makes it more challenging to hit KPI’s and objectives.

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